Posting from a Remote Locale

Well, this is cool. Blogging from the dock, photos and all.
Geeking out; outdoors.

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Lobster/Corn/Sunburst Tomatoes/Fingerlings/Arugula Salad -
Last night's dinner had on the porch, during a downpour. Ahhhhh....summer.

Just Like Old Times

In our old Cape Cod neighborhood...doing all of the things we used to do.

The cottage we used to rent (30 years ago) appears a bit fancier than we'd remembered it...and looks like it now has central air.  But the local, beach-general store is still a walk away...and the windmill is still standing proud. The old battleship (very famous in our family lore) is gone but the sandbars remain and the sunsets are still exceptional.

We are in a giant, shingled house a couple of beaches away. We've expanded and married several exceptional new people into our family...and added a few of the most, charming, hilarious, earthy children you could ever dream of.

Since we've arrived, there are deeper cuts of the 70's on continuous play through Sirius Radio...and we're all singing along, never missing a single word to a single song, with our beach-loving mama.

It's as if she just packed us all up in her vintage SAAB, started it up with the screwdriver, popped in a Cat Stevens 8-track tape and made our way to the Cape.


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