I have started drawing again after what feels like forever. Coming up with some new ideas for silkscreens and various other printing techniques. Its nice to go back to my roots.

Another Fave

This photo just kills me for so many reasons!!!
Look at the feet on my little niece, Gracie! And look at the determination on her face. And look at Josh's knees! Meanwhile, that is a Swedish soda and not a beer. These two were tearing up the wet, muddy dancefloor at our wedding like you would not believe. HILARIOUS.

Again...On Smashing Darling this A.M.

Who Inspires You?

I am asking indie designers to share with the community…Who Inspires You? I thought this would be a great way for designers to share with us other indie designers that they may turn to for inspiration. Today’s indie designer spotlight is done by Laura Larson designer for Whosiepie.


So thrilled to discover NYC-based MATTA’s updated, user/shopper/curious-follower friendly website! Lots of gorgeous photos of new products. Its nice to know that you can count on your favorite designers to continue to inspire…

I have been obsessed with Cristina Gitti’s simple yet beautiful, clean designs for many, many years. I’d collected lovely, handmade bags from her previous line MALATESTA - purchased from DINA VARANO ’s shop in Connecticut. I went on to covet her sweet sarongs (in matching cotton bags) at shops in San Francisco like NEST and WORKSHOP. All of her pieces - treasures to me.
From Matta’s website:

“Matta is fresh, timeless and liberating. Matta is a combination of a simple style and endless possibilities.”

“Founder and designer of Matta, Cristina Gitti has always been inspired by the numerous possibilities of handmade design. Her textile and clothing ventures have been based on the central theme of limitless forms of individually made creations and her journeys. Her travels continue with Matta collections in the same combinations of mixing age-old techniques with new colors. The feeling of movement and sense of history translate in the vibrant color palate and through the varied textures.”

“The Matta ready-to-wear collection includes lightweight cottons, wools and silks, which are tailored to create shirts, tunics, skirts and dresses for women. Rich textiles and fresh tones are further developed in pashmina, wool and silk shawls, scarves, home accessories and children’s clothing. Cristina continues the collection by creating hand stitched leather sandals, handbags, recycled paper products and more.”

We are featured on Smashing Darling today...

How Do You Wear Your Indie Fashion

Name: Laura Larson
Occupation: Designer
Location: East Bumble, East Coast

This is my husband and I on our wedding day — just about a month ago.
I am wearing a MERGIRL COUTURE custom gown — bias-cut silk charmeuse with a vintage, cotton crochet {ahem} tablecloth (old) for starters.
Custom sterling silver earrings (new) by DINA VARANO. A FOUNDLING “poppy” hair pin (borrowed)

***All Photos is this Post by NANCY DIONNE

and a really amazing pair of SALVATORE FERRAGAMO (blue) wedges.

My husband is wearing JOHN VARVATOS pinstriped trousers, shirt by ROBERT GRAHAM, vest by PENGUIN and shoes by REEF.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing?
Eggplant STEWART+BROWN organic cotton longsleeved tee. Several years old. Many, many washings. Love it.

What 3 things can’t you live without?
My Beautiful Husband
Hot Sauce (Challulah, namely)

What one word describes you most?

Flavor King (Queen)

One of my favorites from my wedding...
Erin and the Ice Cream Woman. Yuckin it up. Like ya do.

Greetings from the CAPE

***All Photos is this Post by NANCY DIONNE

We are here in beautiful CAPE COD on our "hunzeemoon". We are just now able to have our feet on the ground after days of fun and food and festivities...Thank you to everyone who was involved in our amazing wedding! It could not have been better. Again, we are uploading pics this week while relaxing on vaca...so stay tuned. But above you will see a glimpse of my dear friend DEVON WHITNEY's masterpiece. Our wedding cake. How I wish we had brought the tiny sliver left-over with us!? Thank you DEVON for your incredible work -- 7 months prego and all.

We've eaten so much seafood this weekend that we were forced to have pizza for our first meal out here. We can't bear chowder or fish or clams...sad to say.


Yes, there was serious magic on Saturday...
Can't wait to share the images with you all. Stay tuned. I'll get there soon.
But know that it was perfect. The most delightful day of our lives.


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