One Year

We celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversary yesterday. It was a day much like our wedding day -- rainy and dark in the a.m./ early afternoon -- and then blazing sun for the remainder. We had a great time -- brunch in Stonington...strolling and photoing the streets (see above)...a drive through rustic, shoreline neighborhoods...a boatride in the late afternoon with the fam...and then a clam pizza (our 2nd of the weekend!) -- and OUR WEDDING CAKE at Saybrook Point under the moon.

Lakeside Continued

There are loads of little campers, sailing, in the background but you can't see them.

My new Roberta Freyman tunic. I was test-driving it. Thanks MM!!!!

A few shots from the lake yesterday, mid-afternoon. As we relaxed to our maximum capacity, we reminisced back to last year at this very time...when we were scrambling to put on our DIY wedding...just days away.

Been Drawing...

I've picked up the pens again...for reasons I will reveal soon. An exciting project is on the horizon...but I won't celebrate until the work is done.

Coming soon.

Holding On To Summer...

This was a quick one. A weird one. A rainy one. And now, a HOT one. But as always, summer in New England is full of surprises.

Praying for a Summery September...which is always possible...

Dining al fresco...

and quite moments at the uncrowded beach.
Fingers crossed.

Old Friends (and lots of Chihuahuas) Weekend

I spent last weekend in Boston (ish) with my gal pals - of nearly 30 years. It was an incredibly fun, easy, needed time. We never ran out of things to chat about -- and we acted as each other's memory -- especially for fuzzy times in our 20's and "boyfriends'" names we couldn't quite recall. It was all about fried seafood, the North End, doggie loving, and dropping in and out of adorable shops around the North Shore...among many other things. It couldn't have been better.

That is a tiny dog (above) - between the sunflowers.


We had a photo shoot, today - and Poppy had numerous cute outfits.
Not to mention that she was such a good sport.


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