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Happy Birthday to my friend, Scarlett.
Beautiful, colorful, wild, brilliant Scarlett.


Spending a beautiful afternoon with great friends. Celebrating 40 years for a dear person. Relaxing on the river. Chasing trees. Chasing mid afternoon light.

Spring is creeping in

Its a really wonderful thing, living in New England. You can learn to appreciate each season as it comes and goes. I am all set with winter. I have learned all I can.

Some of my many resolutions for this Spring (/Summer):
  • Lie in hammock as often as possible and read stacks of books while doing so.
  • Go for long walks with my camera.
  • Pick wildflowers.
  • Walk to work.
  • Shop exclusively at the Farm Stand/Farmers Market.
  • Grill nightly.
  • Walk on the sandbars at lowtide most afternoons.
There are so many more but thats just a sprinkle.


My girl, Dina Varano, is hosting an exclusive luncheon
+ private showing of her beautiful new spring collection
Saturday April 26th at 12:30 pm
Space is limited. Reservations are required.

dina hammering
I cannot tell a lie. I had the pleasure of a sneak preview the other day and whoooooooo...
Its going to be quite a show!
I am so there.


Dear Jennie and Rocky,
We received the SAVE the DATE -- which was quite possibly the most beautiful Save the Date we have ever seen -- (No offense to anyone who has ever sent me a SAVE THE DATE card but this thing was off the charts!!!)...And we just wanted to let you know that WE will (both) be seeing you in August in Calistoga! I must see my Guardian Angel tie the knot with her LOVE.

Big Birthdays, Babies

To my Moemoe and her darling Baby T,
Happiest Birthdays to both of you.

May this next decade be as magical as the last few.



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