Chester Sunday Market

Another great day at the Farmer's Market, today.
Had a rack of new tees for sale. Soft, white, cotton with new designs...
Didn't make it today??
Great news: Every Sunday in Chester, CT. until October.
Come on down!

More Tiny Peeps and Dollhouse Action

Look, I have not lost my mind. My tiny neices are back in town and are busy every weekend at Mom's lakehouse, playing with this incredible, vintage dollhouse from the 40's. The furniture is mighty fine. And I just can't help myself. I have to photo it.


Not only is my husband delightful and handsome but he has some serious magic when it comes to building furniture (and homes). This morning he produced this coffee table for our living room in no the driveway.
Have a look...


A little sun would be nice.
Sorry for the lame blogging.
Been super busy but will fill in the blanks after a sunny weekend.


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