Hey everyone,
Thanks for visiting my blog. And thanks for all that you do and all that you are.
Hope you have a beautiful time with all of your loved ones.

Going, going...

The week before last.

Last week.

The leaves are on their way out.

First Fryes

A pair of tiny Fryes and a pair of trusty Chucks... This girl is on the right track.

Miss Addy's First

ACW rockin her new whosiepie "studio 54 tunic"

And then there was Miss Adela Claire's first birthday party celebration. A very joyful Autumn occasion, complete with more sunflowers than one could ever hope to see in one place at one time.
Cashmere bonnets and hand-knit Parisian sweaters for a romp in the leaves. Who wouldn't?

Adventure Mondays

On Mondays, Trish and I head out (in her granny-mobile) in search of fabric (and farm stands). We meander along the backroads of CT in search of inspiration. I decided I would bring my camera from now on. Here is what we found in Colchester. This gem exceeded the fabric store, substantially.


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