FROCK is just about ready for action. Clothes are in heavy production. Walls are fresh with "Icing On The Cake". Racks are hung. Signs are done (almost). And we are still cheerful. And we will be open for business on Saturday at NOON.

The Whosiepie Blog will continue on with bits of personal blabber and photos as well as any new goings-on with the Whosiepie clothing line and/or my artwork when it eeeks out here and there. The Frock Blog will be -- all things FROCK. We will let you know when we are adding new products, having events, having a good picture day, or if Trish or I make something groovy within the Whosiepie or Mergirl lines.

So, tune in everywhere. I'll make it as exciting as possible. ;)

Frock Shoppe

Bear with me, folks...
There's no need to dole out excuses here. 
Just been working like a dawg, 
getting FROCK to rock.


11 Main Street - Chester, CT

This is the sign that hangs on the papered windows. We (Trish and I) are inside, painting, prepping. 
And on May 1, we'll unveil our new shop.
One room is our retail shop. The other is our studio. 
It's light. And spacious (for us). And beautiful.
Our new site is almost is our blog - where we will update with events and special promotions.



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