Party planning is on. Don't want to give away too many details of our wedding but here is a tiny window to the fun we will have. As always, most traditions will not be present.

Bad Blogging but GOOD NEWS!!!

Hello, hello, hello!
I know. What happened?
No photos. No words. For a whole week? What the?
Well, as most of you have heard by now -
Whosiepie is gettin' hitched to her lovely prince.

We are so excited and preparations have begun for the big CLAMBAKE.
Now, if I could JUST get some work done in time for Smashing Darling to launch Version 2, I'd be in business.

Mandy Y Alejandro

Here are a few scenes from Mandy and Alejandro's wedding this weekend. It was about 100 degrees but there was so much love and good food that no one seemed to mind.
I was snapping away....

Mandy and a map of Argentina:Homeland of Alejandro...Locale of their encounter and courtship...

Stunning, handcrafted cake by Mandy's dear friend.

Gorgeous spread prepared by the Groom pre-ceremony.

Mucho Love To You Both!


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