New Whosiepies on Smashing Darling...

There are some new posts on SD. Check em out (see right). Fall clothes and accessories are coming soon so enjoy the summer stripes while you can.

Fiore Mini Sundresses

They are back by popular demand! I will bust out a few and have them on Smashing Darling asap.

Buddha Baby

Buddha's silkscreen is always on hand. The baby tees are great and I make them in all adult and kids sizes, too.

Nance in France with Whosiepie and Champagne

This is my friend Nancy in Normandy packing Whosiepie (skirt).
Whosie Int'l.

Where is

Its right here! While I update some pages, all that is whosiepie will be right here. You can shop online at SMASHING DARLING and see all of my latest work, thoughts, photos... all from the comfort of my blog.


I am having an online and ongoing SAMPLE SALE on Smashing Darling. I will be marking down more summer gear as it rolls on...

check it out

New Silk Screen/Null Silk Screen

My latest silkscreen design. I am pretty sure that this is limited edition. Meaning, all 6 or 7 pieces that I have made so far might be all there is considering I was silkscreening in the blazing sun the other day and I waltzed off and left ink to dry in the SILK. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I haven't tested the screen yet. Needed a few days to deny. I'll post the results when they become available.

Sunset Mini Tote

My latest summer bag. Its a mini tote bag. Great for a night out or fill it with your bare necessities for everyday use! Either way, its very cute.

Yoga Mat Bags

I still make Yoga Mat Bags after all these years. I will post new ones as they become available. I have this beauty as of now.


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