Holidays 2009

We had a lovely holiday over here.
Besides the love and joy and delicious grub, there were some other
exciting treasures to be had (got? gotten?).Tiny shoes for my tiny shoe collection.

The Big Kahuna of kitchen appliances. Some girls might take offense to receiving appliances.
Not this girl. I was over the moon!
(We received a JUICER, too. Ooooooooooh boy!)
I even BAKED cookies. I don't bake. Well, I do now.

So, now we are moving on to New Years Eve.

Snowy, cozy, stocked for the evening.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful evening and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.
I have good intentions for 2010.
Can't wait to see what it brings...


An Irish baby was baptized this weekend. And here are his Irish booties to prove it.
Yay! Braden James!

Cozy Up!

Serious snow.
Good gathering.
Feeling fortunate.
Hope everybody's good.

Holiday Sale!

Whosiepie is having a sale for online shoppers!
Enter coupon code: WHOHOL and receive 20% off.
Sale ends Monday 12/14.

Rooster Tees

are now available in long sleeves.

Tracing my steps...

Sew. Silkscreen. Shoot. Stare at screen. Repeat.
I suppose this is where I have been hiding.
My shop is full (online and in the real world) and there is more being cranked out every day.
Shop around.


Chester Sunday Market continues for the next few weeks.
Trish and I have our racks in LORI WARNER GALLERY from 12-4 on Sunday afternoons.
We've been sewing our bums off.
Come visit.

Scenes from Thanksgiving This Year

Morning fog. A little color in the back yard.
Brussels Sprouts-a-plenty.
We'd had a shortage early on but several guests arrived, bearing stalks.And...
Striped tights on tots. Nothing cozier.


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