Treasure Hunting

It sure has been a fun summer so far. We have been treasure hunting like its our job. Well, it sort of is at this point. The whole DIY wedding idea is truly for us as we love to thrift, create, scheme, organize, dream...and make things happen.

On our thrifting excursions, we happen upon gems for the home, whosiepie line and often for our wedding... Here are just a few of the cream of the crop.

*The best part is that my lovely husband-to-be never even questions these days, "More crap for the house?". And he is generally the more discerning of the two of us.

Smashing Darling Tee

This tee is my latest obsession. I've been wearing it as often as possible this summer. I dripped salad dressing on it the other day so its finally in the washing machine and I'll let it rest for a few days.

From Smashing Darling Today...

My adorable friend, Liz, is featured today on Smashing Darling's blog.

Name: Elizabeth MacLennan
: freelance craft and prop stylist
City/State: New York, NY

What one word most describes you: Curious.


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