Summer is ON.

Memorial Day Weekend is here, again. Can hardly believe how fast the year has gone? We are so excited to have a shiny new deck at the lake - so, we had an impromptu fish-fry/steamer mini fest the other night. It was the best way to kick off the weekend and test drive the deck made by my husband (and my bros) -- after much red tape.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everybody. Hope it's a good one.


Still trying to get my head on straight...or my FROCK on straight, really. And then we will get a little more variety going around here. But I am happy to announce, though, that the first two weeks of FROCK have completely exceeded our wildest expectations! It seems as though folks are digging it. Gals are flocking to FROCK - so much so that I have not had a single moment to have a thought or take a photo of anything but.

Working on a system so as to not overwork to the point of extreme exhaustion. It needs work (haha, more work) but I am getting there.

So, soon: Pics of random food and tag sale finds.

For now: Meet my friend, FROCK.

Sorry...Just one more

Still settling into FROCK. And since I have nothing else to post just yet, here is another photo.

Happy May

Frock is ON. It's been an amazing first day, today -- 
and thanks to all who came in to see our new place. 
We could not be happier!!!!
We are open Wed-Sat 12-5 and by appointment. Come on in. 
And check in at the FROCK blog for updates and news...


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