One More Day Til We Tie the Knot

Here we are on Block Island last year at Moe and Mark's Wedding.
Photo by T.Tack Ryan

Scenes from our much loved, much used kitchen.
Looking forward to Fall ... Great food to be prepared.

Pray, Pray, Pray

Everybody now: Pray for Clear Skies next Saturday!
We WILL have an amazing time no matter what but please, if you will...PRAY.

Dear Shelley,

We are all with you today. You will come out of this the same beautiful, shining star that you are. Much love and strength to you. Love, Whosiepie

Bearded Dragon

This beautiful creature came to visit us at the lake on Sunday.
His name is Moo Shoo.
He was very cool.


For all of the support and incredible parties and cakes and toasts and beautiful gifts and help with the planning and gathering of supplies for the wedding --
I am so blessed and I feel fortunate every day.

*Our dining table/kitchen/home has just become substantially more sophisticated...

*Above and below is the most amazing handmade gift a girl can dream of.
Dina made me a very, very, very special gift.
Its a book and its all about me.

*Theres me and Scarlett circa August 2005. One week before I met my future husband. I was home from California to see very important friends tie the knot (Matt & Lee and Jessie & Darcey) and meet new, tiny friends like Scarlett. Little did I know that my best friend was right down the road.

I Dream Of China (and Carbs)

My blogging frequency is not at its peak but I can assure you, I have been busy.

Doing a little bit of this...
and a lot of this...

Oh and then there is this*...Bleck!
*Dear Carbohydrate, You are still my dearest friend.
I promise to return to you after Labor Day.
Love, Whosiepie


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