Been Illin...

Not tons to say...Just recovering from my annual Autumn sinus affliction.
But, "hello all.".
Hope all is well.

Poppy Strikes Again!

Yep. That little Poppy struck again with her cuteness. Her mom made her first Halloween costume and well, she'll be a Poppy. I swear, we were not torturing her in this costume. She really, really liked it. She seemed quite proud, actually.

To My Sister,

Dear Shell,
Once again, thank you for understanding that I, somehow, needed to arrive on your 10th Birthday. And for not holding it against me (at least after a few years).
you and me circa October 1972

I have always believed that my reason was to ensure that you and I would always have a super special bond - one that we would never even need to explain to people - once they heard about the magic of our birthday.
me and you circa 1975 ish on a very 70's raft

Thank you for taking such great care of me all these years. I love you very, very much.

Dear Conde Nast,

Why'd ya have to go and do it? I sure am going to miss Gourmet. Pouring over pages and pages for years and years...coveting those amazing photos, learning, learning.
Say it isn't so.

"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky." - Buddha

Happy October

It is my favorite month. At the risk of sounding cliche/artsy, the light is so beautiful this time of year.

And many of my peeps were born in October - present company included.

Out here in the country, the air is crisp and the sky is blue and filled with yellow and orange speckles.


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