I am not sure what this is...

but my husband has a really good eye when it comes to (his choice in women) photography. This is something that I just stumbled upon on the desktop, here -- and it was taken yesterday as he was trying to figure something out under the hood of his Land Rover and was emailing back and forth with another LR Enthusiast. I just think its beautiful. And he wasn't even trying. Thats just how he is. A Natural. I'm going to keep him.


Gracie toting her most fabulous accessory: Ruby.
These are my darling neices - growing so rapidly and adorably.
Can't wait to see you little kittens in a few weeks.
Ancient dried onions for one and all!


Congrats to Jeannie, Dan and Gus on the arrival of BABY SIMONE!
We are so excited to meet her. And we love her already. Good job!

Our British Lady

Here she is. Arrived from London. She's right here in our driveway...

Lunch With DV

DSC_0149, originally uploaded by whosiepie72.

Saturday! November 8! 12:30pm!
It will be a great time. Private show by Dina Varano ~ Introducing her new Fall Line. Beautiful lunch at River Tavern. There may be a seat or two available so give a call and see if you can join us.


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