Grooves. Pathways. Patterns. Habits.
Formed over time through strength and repetition.

These really struck me, yesterday, as we walked on the sandbars near Harvey's Beach. Especially when J said, "Can you imagine how long it would take to recreate these, exactly as they are?".

It was one of those winter days that looks a lot warmer than it actually is.
And we just imagined that we were warm. Soon enough.
The beach sand was so soft and beautiful and pristine.
And it wasn't whipping around like mad. Nice and still and sparkly.

Turquoise by Dina Varano

I just LOVE this gorgeous necklace made by my dear friend, Dina. Its so balanced and elegant and wearable and Springlike, all at the same time.

New Ladies

For about 6 months, I have been coveting these beautiful, vintage dress forms on my neighbors porch. Its not like I had been pressing my nose up against their windows or anything but I had craned my neck to catch a glimpse at them every morning as I backed out of my driveway. First be sure to not hit the stone wall on either side of the car. Next be sure there is no one cruising at top speed at you from around the blind corner and finally, take a gander at "the girls" on Charlie and Connie's porch. And there they were day after day -gathering dust.

And then my Knight in Shining Armour got up on Charlie's roof to patch some damage and very casually inquired. Within minutes the girls were wheeled across the street to our welcoming home. Ahhhhh. Sometimes to COVET is not so bad. I sure do appreciate them. And I am sure Charlie and Connie are so happy to have them off their porch.

Scarlett...from the WP Archives...

And here is Ms. Scarlett is her vintage Whosiepie circa 2005.
As long as we are celebrating Tots in Whosies, we MUST celebrate Scarlett!!
She's been a Whosie since before she was born...

I've got to bring back the old illustrations. So fun.

Ivy, Hendrix and Whosiepie

Those adorable kids in California put on their best Whosie, again. Thanks for keeping the Whosie love alive, kiddies. My heart is still with you in San Francisco.

Shoe Thing

The following is one of the countless combinations of shoes that is consistently lying just to the left of my computer chair. I kick em off and sit in a modified Lotus position as I click away...


I am so sorry for the lapse in blogging. Wow.
Funny how time flies when you are knee deep in the Yoga Sutras...

Hope everyone is feeling OPTIMISTIC and looking forward to Spring.

SF Girls Get All Whosie

Piper and Ivy in Whosiepie in San Francisco! These two are my friend Shannon's beautiful girls and they just so happen to be sporting the latest fashions. I wouldn't expect anything less than high fashion from Shannon and Company.


Another new addition to the Whosie Collection....
I have been glued to my sewing machines. Its been great. Now that I trip over my studio when I get up in the a.m., there is no excuse. Love it.

Sprrrrrrrrrrring is coming....

Getting set to upload the new tunics to Smashing Darling...
They are quite cheerful. And who doesn't need cheerful?

Grace Brings Contentment

This was my Yogi Tea inspiration for the day. It found me during a Whosiepie scrambling session. Sewing. Silkscreening. The usual.

I just had my Serger fixed after a long, frustrating time. Its amazing how much one can accomplish when things are working properly. Here is a little window into my new clothing line. Think: Tunics, Linen, Jersey Tops and Dresses with unique accents...

And then of course, somewhere in my scrambling I managed some homemade granola. A girls gotta eat.


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