Sale Part 2

Our sale is on this Saturday, again.
Buy something and get the next something (equal or lesser value) 50% off!
Come join us for some laughs, deals, spicy cocoa, etc.
We would love to see you.

16 Main Street 2nd Floor Chester

Sugar Bowl

I keep getting in trouble around my house for having TOO MUCH STUFF. EVERYWHERE!! Here is a new member of my collection of all things white... and porcelain..and unnecessary.
Just between you and me, I am never getting rid of any of it.

Big Whosie Sale

It's going to be cozy/fun.
We'll be serving up some hot cocoa and cranking the heat.
If nothing else, just come for that action.

River Tavern Artist's Lunch

Well, it's about time.
I have come up with a new collection of silk screened prints and I am ready to share.
I will be showing my new work and giving a brief talk about it during an

at River Tavern
Saturday, February 6
12:30 pm
$45 per person
Please RSVP to River Tavern at 860.526.9417

Always delicious and always a blast.

Bird House

Another beauty from Xmas. My husband's birdhouse.
We can't wait to see what happens out there.
BUT. It is mighty cold.
Too cold to hang the birdhouse.

The Sun Never Says

Even after all this time
The sun never says to the earth,
"You owe Me."

Look what happens with
A love like that,
It lights the Whole Sky.

- Hafiz

My New Couch

Here is my latest project (complete!). Been waiting for this fabric to arrive - since October. It arrived on Monday and by Monday evening, with the help of my wizard/mom, we had this couch complete. Picked up the bamboo frame couch at a junk shop for $5. Bought a new piece of THICK foam for the cushion. And 3 new pillows from JoAnn's. The orange and red fabric was a scrap that I got at IKEA in the early Fall.
So, now the liveliest, most happening room in the house is my upstairs studio! I am working on a series of new silk screens for an Artist's Lunch at River Tavern on February 6. So far so good.
And then here is a little vignette from yesterday's snowfall. My bathroom window. Jade Buddha in a nest of Myrhh with multiple Flower Clips and New Year's Snow.


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