Ah! Shop.

Here is the Whosiepie shop/studio...open for business. Trish and I have cleaned up our fabric scraps and patterns and tucked everything away (ahem. closets.) so that we can display our racks. Here is a glimpse into the shop.

The studio half is on the other side of the room. We are still messy and feverishly distracted at all times - don't worry. But the chaos is compartmentalized now.

Another Old Friend

A friend of mine purchased this painting from me -- many years ago. I am, currently, using the image for a promotional piece for her business --per her request. It's interesting to visit an old painting after all these years. It's like an old friend, again.

Well, It's Fall...

Been a bad, bad blogger.
I am wrapping up old projects, starting new ones, making cozy soups, looking for new wheels and well, frankly, have not taken any good photos in the past week or so...so, guess I am just saying STAY TUNED.
And hope the Fall is treating you well.

Happy September

Getting ready for Labor Day Weekend! We are having a brothers and sisters' blowout at Mom's, lakeside. Lobster/Crab/Clam Fest...complete with catamaran, sunfish, canoe and gas-powered-stinky boat rides all day long -- and camping in the yard by night.
Happy September Everyone.


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